I collaborated with the talented photographer Penelope Vasquez in shooting and designing a campaign that supports a social cause. We're both feminists, and being passionate about equal rights for men and women, we wanted to way to play with traditional sayings that are often used to empower men while belittling women. And thus, we decided on the concept of #WOMANUP: pinup girls doing 'manly' things.

Class :Graphic Design Problems

Created :Spring 2014

Instructor :Sherri Taylor

Categories:Campaign, Photography

Creative Process

We casted women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds while positioning them in Vargas-style power poses. They are dressed in typical pinup clothes, and the props used indicate that the women are doing things that are, as what society deems, typically suitable for men. The photos are edited to give an old time, vintage look. On each photo is a phrase spun into an empowering message. We hope that it will empower women and remind them that gender rules and the feminine/masculine ideals are baseless constructs.