Stirred Up

Coffeeshop Branding

In collaboration with Paragraph, a design firm from Philadelphia, I branded a start-up doughnut, pie and coffee shop for a class project. It is targeted for the on-the-go Philadelphian professional who's interested in buying classically simple and affordable doughnuts, pies and coffee. The customers all live busy lives and this coffeeshop is a pit-stop for those who need a simple and easy quick pick-me-up in between tasks.

Class :Graphic Design Problems

Created :Spring 2014

Instructor :Sherri Taylor

Categories:Branding, Web Design



Inspired by the Philadelphia skyline, the logo was designed to emphasize that the shop is a locally owned small business in Philly. The name, Stirred Up, came to reflect how this coffeeshop helps wake up the customers and jumpstart their day. Arvil Sans, a bold yet friendly display typeface, is used to give a more industrial feel for Stirred Up. The colors dark grey and gold also play up the industrial feel.

Web Design

To play off the sleek, modern feel of Stirred Up's logo and branding, I designed the website to be very photo heavy and easy to use. Photo backgrounds were used to highlight the drool-worthy details of the coffeeshop and its products, and for those who want more details on the products offered or how the coffeeshop came about can easily locate and use the navigation bar. A mobile-version of the site is available for those who are really on-the-run and glancing at the site on their iPad or phone.