Machine learning platform for healthcare

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I partnered with Codeword Agency in leading the visual redesign of Roam's website. Roam, a Silicon Valley startup, uses comprehensive contextual data and machine learning to empower biopharmaceutical and medical device companies with the predictive insights they need to make informed decisions, provide more effective treatments, and achieve the best possible patient outcomes. So those in the healthcare industry can make better informed decisions, provide effective treatment, and achieve the best possible patient outcomes. View Live Site


Web re-design

As part of their rebranding initiative, Roam asked for a complete overhaul of their website. The startup was quickly expanding, and they wanted to focus on recruiting and attracting top talent to their team. I worked alongside a brand designer who focused on Roam's new identity. Through the color scheme, fonts and heirarchy, we ensured that the website redesign reflects its new identity.

More than just a Startup

It was important for the revamped website to emphasize on opportunites for employees to learn and grow, as well as show that Roam will completely change health care as we know it. With those in mind, I designed the site so that it highlights company initiatives, its research, as well as career opportunities. Thus, the final website positions Roam as an elite, academically-driven team of data scientists who solve real problems in the underserved healthcare field.