Fashion Ecommerce Site

Margaux re-envisioned the classic flat for the modern woman, and I worked with The Charles to translate their revolutionary brand experience into an engaging Ecommerce platform. Since the redesign and launch, more than 50% of users are staying on the site longer and engaging with the content and products than before.


Web Design

The challenge was to create a digital experience by seamlessly weaving together content and product as tailored to Margaux's key demographic. Because there are countless ways that customers can shop on Margaux, the homepage highlights the options upfront for a streamlined user experience. The “How it works” section also communicates to shoppers the benefits of the services–when compared to services offered elsewhere. The color wheel is also featured, as it's an integral part of the Margaux brand; I took this concept one step further by designing an interactive color wheel on the home page to showcase each color in The Classic collection.

Designing Customization

Margaux's unique selling point is that it offers two sizing options for their customers to ensure a perfect fit. A standard, ready-made European fit is designed for shoppers who want their shoes immediately. Shoppers can also opt for a unique made-to-measure fit that is tailored to exact measurements. One of the challenges we faced was to showcase both options and different prices while communicating the benefits of both fits.