KNIGHT First Amendment Institute at Columbia University

First Amendment Watchdog

I partnered with Codeword Agency in leading the visual redesign of Knight First Amendment Institute's website. Founded in 2016, the KFAI is dedicated to advancing the freedoms of speech and the press in the digital age. Through strategic litigation, research, and public outreach, the Institute works to protect the vitality of the First Amendment, ensuring it keeps pace with the technological advances and threats alike.


Brand Positioning

Our objective was to establish the core values of the KFAI brand and communicate these values on the website to the readers: journalists, lawyers and citizens. I worked alongside a brand designer who fleshed out the logo, color palette and typefaces for use across media. In the new identity, our objectives were to make the brand modern, thoughtful and bold. Through the color scheme, fonts and hierarchy, we ensured that the website redesign reflects its new identity.

Forward Thinking

While designing the site, I focused on what the KFAI represents to its audience: innovation, forward-thinking, and integrity. The Knight Foundation and Columbia University founded the institute in 2016 as a response to the digital revolution, which has seen a decline in the ability of traditional media to undertake First Amendment litigation. This same revolution has simultaneously presented new First Amendment questions, including the effects of technological surveillance and the freedom of Internet platforms. The website addressed these problems through three avenues:

  1. Litigation, strategically targeting unique questions that help define First Amendment law in the digital age;
  2. Research, ranging from fellowships and sponsored white papers to shorter essays; and
  3. Education, including online media and live events such as lectures and symposia.